Les Petites Graines by Aida K.

La créatrice

Since the end of my studies, my dream has been to create a ready-to-wear clothing line geared towards babies and children. Its main axis would be the blending of organic sustainable fibers with ethnic fabrics. 

The birth of my son was the trigger in accomplishing this lifelong project.  My desire is to produce a clothing line that merges Western and African expertise.

I have always considered that the fusing of cultures and knowledge is a great asset : take the best of each and combine it together. And I see myself as an ethnico-cultural crossbreed, because of my African origins and heritage and the western culture into which I was also brought up.

My creations reflect my desire to show and offer the beauty that I see in all these blends: a form of heritage. I hope to express this passion and dedication in my art, by designing baby accessories and clothes, as well as children's apparel.